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  1. Bible Chapters: Wise Words

    Wonderful new reader great for children 7 years and younger, will teach them valuable Biblical principles while entertaining them at the same time. This book will help children learn to apply many valuable lessons found in the Book of Proverbs. Beautifully designed examples encourage talk time and growth in character.
  2. Book: Jesus: He Lived Among Us

    Jesus: He Lived Among Us is a retelling of the life of Christ, based on the animated movie of the same title from The Voice of the Martyrs. With John the Apostle as the storyteller, this presentation of Christ's time on earth is a biblically based, dramatized narrative that takes the reader on an exciting journey, depicting Jesus' life from the perspective of the persecution He and His followers experienced.

    These stories illustrate the profound effect His life had on His followers and on those who considered Him a threat or a heretic. While not your typical Bible storybook, Jesus: He Lived Among Us is a powerful learning tool for young people and adult new believers as they discover Christ's relevance to their lives.

    Readers will be challenged to a deeper faith as they witness the sacrificial nature of following the Christ who lived among us

  3. Book: A Pocket Catechism for Kids

    "I've Got Something In My Pocket!"

    From the very first "Who are you?" to the final "What other prayers does the Church recommend?" A Pocket Catechism for Kids is the ideal introduction to the treasures of the Catholic Faith for children in kindergarten through grade 8.

    Using a popular question-and-answer format, authors Father Kris Stubna and Mike Aquilina explain the saving truths that Jesus taught in short, easy-to-understand-and-memorize sections that draw from both Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

    Examining the basics, A Pocket Catechism for Kids serves as both a primer on the Faith and a readily accessible resource and reference guide. A Pocket Catechism for Kids also contains sections on traditional Catholic prayers, a guide to making a good Confession, an explanation of the Mass, and more - virtually everything children need to know to understand and live the Faith!
  4. Children's Book: "The Beautiful Lady — Our Lady of Guadalupe," by Pat Mora

    This book depicts the tale of Our Lady of Guadalupe through simple, delicate language and earth-toned illustrations. A two-page author’s note fleshes out the tale and describes Our Lady’s continuing influence.

  5. God Talks With Me - Set of 4

    All 4 books in the new Brother Francis Book Collection: God Talks With Me About Thankfulness God Talks With Me About Friendship God Talks With Me About Overcoming Fears Bible Chapters: Wise Words
  6. God Talks With Me About: Friendship

    Casey’s family moved and she doesn’t have new friends. Not knowing what to do, she talks with God about her feelings. See how God helps Casey make new friends in a new place. “Friendship” helps children learn that God, through His Word, is always present in their everyday lives.
  7. God Talks With Me About: Overcoming Fears

    After prayer time with Mom and Dad, little Anita still feels scared. Little by little, she comes to realize that all is well, especially as she is reminded of God’s promises in His wonderful Word. “Overcoming Fears” teaches children how God is always present, and how His promises in the Bible are a help to their everyday activities.
  8. God Talks With Me About: Thankfulness

    Today is Jack’s birthday, but it is also a school day. There doesn’t seem to be anyone to share his birthday with. Jack talks with God about it and is reminded of Bible verses throughout his day, which help him find ways to be thankful in spite of the situation. A story which reminds children that God is always there to speak to them through His written word, and to listen to and help them in their everyday lives.
  9. The Witness of Early Christian Women: Mothers of the Church - Book

    The Witness of Early Christian Women: Mothers of the Church demonstrates the radical nature of Christianity's understanding of women and their roles, especially in a pagan society that viewed them as little more than property. The variety of women here is striking: poor widows, consecrated virgins, heroic martyrs, but also businesswomen, the wealthy, and an indomitable traveler on a world tour. Each chapter features a concise biography accompanied by writings from the early Church about the woman in question. The Mothers of the Church include: Holy Women of the New Testament St. Blandina St. Perpetua and St. Felicity St. Helena St. Thecla St. Agnes of Rome St. Macrina Proba the Widow St. Marcella St. Paula St. Eustochium St. Monica Egeria the Tourist Explore the impact of each of these women on the Church, then and now. Their stories will enthrall you. Their writings will inspire you. Their witness will empower you.
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9 Item(s)