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  1. "A is for Angel" Children's Reader

    Learning my ABC’s while I learn about my faith! From our new “Totally Toddlers” series, this colorful book is a wonderful way for young children to learn about the alphabet while looking at Catholic imagery. Full color.
  2. "I Love to Pray" Children's Reader

    Traditional Catholic prayers with full spread inspirational illustrations that are sure to help children learn the prayers, pray them and understand their meaning. Full color.
  3. "The Angel God Gave Me" Children's Reader

    Fun and colorful illustrations remind children about the blessings God has bestowed upon them by means of their Guardian Angel. Great for bedtime reading! Full color.
  4. Book: Jesus: He Lived Among Us

    Jesus: He Lived Among Us is a retelling of the life of Christ, based on the animated movie of the same title from The Voice of the Martyrs. With John the Apostle as the storyteller, this presentation of Christ's time on earth is a biblically based, dramatized narrative that takes the reader on an exciting journey, depicting Jesus' life from the perspective of the persecution He and His followers experienced.

    These stories illustrate the profound effect His life had on His followers and on those who considered Him a threat or a heretic. While not your typical Bible storybook, Jesus: He Lived Among Us is a powerful learning tool for young people and adult new believers as they discover Christ's relevance to their lives.

    Readers will be challenged to a deeper faith as they witness the sacrificial nature of following the Christ who lived among us

  5. Brother Francis Lent Collection

    Set Includes:

    Brother Francis, "The Stations of the Cross" DVD

    Brother Francis, "What Is Lent?" Coloring Book

    Brother Francis, "The Stations of the Cross" Coloring Book

    "The Traditional Stations of the Cross" Devotional Fan

    "The Stations of the Cross" Children's Reader

    Available for a limited time only.

  6. Brother Francis Reader: "The Christmas Pageant that Almost Wasn't"

    Brother Francis and his friends are set to put together the Christmas pageant that everyone looks forward to. Everything is working smoothly until rivalry for one of the most important roles nearly topples the production.
  7. Brother Francis Reader: "The Stations of the Cross"

    Brother Francis walks children in the footsteps of Jesus as He makes His way to the cross where He gives His life for the salvation of all people. Beautifully illustrated in full color and containing meditations and prayers easy for children to understand, this book is a wonderful way to experience this important traditional devotion.
  8. Brother Francis Readers - Set of 5 Brother Francis Readers - Set of 5

    Brother Francis Readers - Set of 5

    Get all 5 Brother Francis readers for one low price!

    Regular Price: $50.00

    Special Price $45.00

  9. Children's Book: "The Beautiful Lady — Our Lady of Guadalupe," by Pat Mora

    This book depicts the tale of Our Lady of Guadalupe through simple, delicate language and earth-toned illustrations. A two-page author’s note fleshes out the tale and describes Our Lady’s continuing influence.

  10. God Talks With Me - Set of 4

    All 4 books in the new Brother Francis Book Collection: God Talks With Me About Thankfulness God Talks With Me About Friendship God Talks With Me About Overcoming Fears Bible Chapters: Wise Words
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Items 1 to 10 of 14 total

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