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Brother Francis


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  1. Brother Francis DVD - Ep.03: The Rosary

    Join Brother Francis in this entertaining and guidance-filled presentation that will inspire children to deepen their faith by praying the rosary!
  2. Brother Francis DVD - Ep.08: The Saints

    Join Brother Francis as he introduces children to their heavenly friends, the saints! Learn about the wonderful comfort, encouragement, and help given through those that serve God in His heavenly Kingdom. This entertaining and instructive DVD is a wonderful way to help children better understand who the saints are and why they are so very important.
  3. Brother Francis DVD - Ep.13: Confirmation

    Join Brother Francis as he shows us what the Sacrament of Confirmation is, what it does, and why Jesus promised it to us! This episode includes: - The Parable of the Good Shepherd: an entertaining yet meaningful reminder of how Jesus, our shepherd, calls us by name and makes us His sheep! - The Baptism of Jesus: A moving account of the day Jesus was baptized. - The Day of Pentecost: A powerful portrayal of the day the Holy Spirit was sent to the Early Church. - The Sacrament of Confirmation: A vivid, simple and clear presentation of how the Sacrament of Confirmation is celebrated, and how we prepare for it. Present in the same joyful reverence as all other episodes, “Brother Francis: Confirmation” will help viewers understand the wonderful grace given in this powerful sacrament!
  4. Brother Francis Lent Collection

    Brother Francis Lent Collection

    Set Includes:

    Brother Francis, "The Stations of the Cross" DVD

    Brother Francis, "What Is Lent?" Coloring Book

    Brother Francis, "The Stations of the Cross" Coloring Book

    "The Traditional Stations of the Cross" Devotional Fan

    "The Stations of the Cross" Children's Reader

    "The Stations of the Cross" Panels

    Available for a limited time only.

    Regular Price: $46.54

    Special Price $29.99

  5. Brother Francis DVD - Ep.07: O Holy Night: The King is Born

    Celebrate the true meaning of Christmas with Brother Francis, in this heartwarming and inspirational episode. "The King is Born: What Christmas is About", recounts the moving and life changing story of the birth of God's Son, whose humble beginnings would alter the future of mankind.
  6. Brother Francis DVD - Ep.11: JoyToons!

    Join the ever-joyful Brother Francis as he teaches children about the blessings that come when heart and mind are filled with praise to God and thoughts of His goodness. Children will learn what the Bible has to say about singing and music. SONG LIST FOR JOYTOONS 1. I am Loved by a Loving Father – a musical reminder that, in His perfect love, God only wants to help us. 2. I Love to Pray – a catchy song, encouraging us to communicate with God anywhere and anytime! 3. Let’s Pray! – a captivating song teaching us how we can pray anywhere. 4. Jesus’ Love is Very Wonderful – a worship-filled song. 5. What More Can He Give – a stirring reminder of Jesus’ great sacrifice for each one of us. 6. Jesus’ Love is the Light of the World – a heartwarming song revealing God’s presence in the world today. 7. With a Heart of Praise – a prayer-song expressing our gratitude to God. 8. Praise God I’m Forgiven – an upbeat song celebrating the gift of God’s mercy and forgiveness. 9. You are the Bread of Life – a sweet song recognition of the power of the Eucharist. 10. I’ve Got a Family – a musical celebration of God’s grace and the blessing of Baptism. 11. With God’s Love – a song that encourages us to be of service to others. 12. I will do my Best for Jesus – a musical reminder of how we can serve God.
  7. Brother Francis DVDs - Set of 16

    Brother Francis DVDs - Set of 16

    All 15 DVDs for 1 low price!

    Regular Price: $207.84

    Special Price $160.00

  8. Brother Francis DVD - Ep.04: Forgiven

    This joyful presentation reminds old and young alike about the great gift of God's forgiveness through the Sacrament of Reconciliation!
  9. Brother Francis DVD - Ep.09: Following In His Footsteps

    Come along with Brother Francis as he shows us what it means to be a true follower of Jesus in action and deed, and how our obedience can bring light to those around us! Teeming with inspirational instruction, “Brother Francis: Following in His Footsteps” will help children to appreciate the blessings of personal holiness and devotion to God.
  10. Brother Francis DVD - Ep.14: The Stations of the Cross

    Brother Francis DVD - Ep.14: The Stations of the Cross

    Accompanying Jesus on His way to Calvary - Join Brother Francis as he follows our Lord on His way to the cross. This episode includes: A short introduction to The Traditional Stations of the Cross, and how meditating upon them brings us closer to our Savior. The traditional 14 stations beautifully illustrated with 14 thought-provoking meditations composed especially for children “What More Can He Give” - a moving song that reminds us of Jesus‘ love for us all throughout His time on Earth. Presented with the same loving reverence as all other episodes, “Brother Francis: The Station of the Cross” is an inspiring way to let our hearts be touched with the sacrifice of our Lord on His way to Calvary.

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Items 1 to 10 of 19 total

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